We have three main sources of income:

1. Some revenues stem from fees. For example, one third of the transaction fee from card payments goes to us. Two thirds go to a reforestation project in Brazil. Additionally, the customer pays for 2€ for every withdrawal which exceeds his monthly limit (three free withdrawals). In the future there will be a paid current account, too. This is not going to be mandatory. The free option will continue to be available.

2. We have brought investors on board who are all share our vision. But the majority of the shares are subscribed by the founders, Inas, Michael and Jakob. Here you can find more detailed information.

3. Like all other banks we are allowed to invest the deposits of our customers. The return from this finances banks. The difference to other banks is that we only support sustainable, ethical and forward-looking companies and projects. Our Impact Board displays all investments we have made so far.